Webinar: Rate Development, Filing and Review - A Compilation of Guidance and Expectations for 2015 Rates

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Dec 31 1969
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Departments of insurance and insurers are currently preparing for the next round of rate development, filing and review. Rates for 2014 were developed based on considerable speculation of the expected impact of the ACA market reforms on the number and health risk of individuals who would enroll. Early enrollment information will be available for the 2015 rate development and review process, however, robust health risk information may still be unavailable.

Additionally, CMS has released a variety of guidance that impacts plans that will be offered in 2015 and their associated rates, including the allowance for continuation of 2013 policies that are not compliant with 2014 market reforms, changes to the 3Rs, and additional clarity on rate development methodology. SCI and the State Health Reform Assistance Network hosted this webinar to explore the considerations for 2015 rate development, filing and review based on a compilation of CMS guidance and insights from Wakely Consulting Group actuaries. The webinar is intended for department of insurance staff and other stakeholders interested in the rate filing and review process for plan year 2015.

Faculty: Julia Lerche, Senior Consulting Actuary and Sharon Leach, Wakely Consulting Group

SCI and the State Network hosted a companion webinar, "Department of Insurance Tools for Plan Year 2015 Form Filings and Review." To view a recording and presentation slides, visit here.