State Efforts to Promote Continuity of Coverage and Care under the Affordable Care Act

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Many states have worked tirelessly over the past two years to develop health insurance exchanges and prepare for the expansion of their Medicaid programs in order to meet the requirements of the ACA. Programs to expand coverage, however, do not necessarily ensure seamlessness for many individuals who are likely to experience shifts in program eligibility due to changing circumstances (e.g., income fluctuations, family composition changes, etc.). A number of states are actively working to limit the impact of changes in program eligibility by developing policies that limit either the incidence of program eligibility changes and/or the impact those changes have on individual consumers. Various emerging state approaches take into account program history, the desire for state flexibility, and the political and operational challenges states face in developing coverage expansions that work for consumers, stakeholders, and policy makers.

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Date: Feb 2014
Author: Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law