West Virginia Level One Establishment Grant Narrative

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West Virginia applied for the Level One grant June 30, 2011 and was awarded $9,667,694 from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) on August 12, 2011. Among other activities, the state expects to use the funding to:

  • Provide for several consumer quality and effectiveness related studies to ensure an efficient and value driven market transition into the Exchange, including further funding for actuarial services and economic modeling as envisioned under the Planning Exchange Grant;
  • Create tools for successful risk adjustment;
  • Undertake an Exchange issuer initiative and complete a producer and navigator strategic plan;
  • Allow for continued policy integration with constituent state agencies; and
  • Develop a business and operational plan that will ensure financial sustainability by January 2015.

West Virginia Level One Establishment Grant narrative.

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Date: Aug 2011