MN-Department of Health Launches Minnesota Public Health Data Access: A Gateway to Minnesota Health and Environment Data

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Minnesota Public Health Data Access (MNPH Data Access) is a Web-based information system provides a "one stop shop" for data about health, the environment, and other risk factors that may affect public health in Minnesota. According to the Department of Health, local public health professionals, the public and others may use MNPH Data Access to gather information about health and environment trends over time, and to conduct queries of state and county-level data in Minnesota about diseases and conditions, such as asthma, cancer and heart attacks. This information aims to help improve efficiency through better data access, and can help Minnesotans make healthy, informed decisions.

MNPH Data Access currently includes data on ten topic areas: air quality, asthma, heart attacks, childhood lead poisoning, carbon monoxide poisoning, reproductive outcomes, cancer, birth defects, drinking water quality, and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. In the summer of 2011, MNPH Data Access will add new data and tools, including GIS maps.

MNPH Data Access is available here.

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Date: May 2011