GAO-Encouraging Enrollment in Private Insurance Plans

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The Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued a report outlining alternatives to the ACA's individual mandate provision by incentivizing consumers to voluntarily purchase private health insurance. GAO comprised a list of nine options that could encourage individuals to purchase health care coverage:

  • Modifying open enrollment periods and imposing penalties for late enrollment
  • Expanding employers' involvement in auto-enrollment
  • Conducting a public education and outreach campaign
  • Imposing a tax to pay for uncompensated care
  • Provide broad access to personalized assistance for health coverage enrollment
  • Allow greater variation in premium rates based on enrollee age
  • Condition the receipt of certain government services upon proof of health insurance coverage
  • Use health insurance agents and brokers differently
  • Require or encourage credit rating agencies to use health insurance status as a factor in determining credit ratings.