Utah: States Establish Frameworks for Health Reform

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In March, Utah enacted H.B. 133 which, among other more immediate measures, established a framework for the development and implementation of a strategic health reform plan. The legislation created the Health System Reform Task Force, which was charged with creating a plan for health system reform. In December, the Task Force drafted three bills for introduction in the 2009 legislative session.[i] Those bills focus on:

  • Insurance market reforms, including the creation of a new basic benefit plan called the Utah NetCare Basic Health Care Plan; the allowance of mandate-free benefit plans to be offered in certain circumstances; the establishment of an Internet portal for the purchase of these new plans; the inclusion of sole proprietors in the small group market pool; and, the establishment of a reinsurance pool.
  • Streamlining and standardizing various aspects of provider, insurer, and consumer interactions and communications; the bill also creates a framework for demonstration projects for delivery and payment systems reforms. 
  • Requiring certain contractors who do business with the state to offer health insurance to their qualified employees.


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[i] Utah State Legislature Health System Reform Task Force, available at http://le.utah.gov/asp/interim/Commit.asp?Year=2008&Com=TSKHSR