Oklahoma: States Establish Frameworks for Health Reform

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In November, the Oklahoma State Coverage Initiative team, a group of state leaders representing the state legislature, government agencies, the private sector, and tribal organizations, released the latest version of their Blueprint for Oklahoma report.[i] The report included draft recommendations for ensuring that all Oklahomans have access to high quality health care and affordable health insurance by:
  • Lowering the cost of private health insurance;
  • Reducing the number of uninsured;
  • Increasing access to health care services; and
  • Reducing the insurance premium burden caused by cost-shifting from the uninsured.
The primary areas of focus in the draft report include:
  • Maximizing enrollment in public programs for those eligible but not yet subscribed;
  • Developing an affordable basic health benefits plan;
  • Generating sufficient public revenue; and
  • Encouraging the take-up of private coverage.
The Blueprint report was shared with statewide participants for feedback and the Oklahoma team expects to have revised recommendations ready by the start of the Oklahoma legislative session in February, 2009[ii].
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[i] “The Oklahoma State Coverage Initiative,” November 17, 2008, available at http://www.ok.gov/oid/documents/sci-distribute-nov14.doc
[ii] Information on reform efforts is based on draft documents and conversations with reform leaders in Connecticut.