New Jersey State Specific Strategies

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Family Care Coverage

New Jersey’s FamilyCare program originally enrolled childless adults up to 100 percent FPL with state-only funds. Enrollment was capped as of September 1, 2001. Currently only those with income at 23 percent FPL may be eligible for coverage.


NJ FamilyCare Advantage provides managed care coverage, through Horizon NJ Health, to uninsured children under the age of 19 in families with income greater than 350 percent of the FPL.  If a family chooses to enroll its children into NJ FamilyCare ADVANTAGE, then all children in the family who are eligible for the program must be enrolled.  The family cannot choose which children to enroll.  Families who voluntarily disenrolled from a health benefit program must be without insurance for at least six months.

Rates for NJ FamilyCare ADVANTAGE are:

  • $137 for one child; 
  • $274 for two children; and
  • $411 for 3 or more children.