Analytic Approaches to Monitoring and Evaluating Health Reform: Topic Papers

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The ACA presented new challenges for states to develop models for health system and payment reform, implement health insurance marketplaces, and expand Medicaid. This created a need for states to fully understand and utilize data sources in order to effectively implement, monitor, and evaluate health care reform. To assist states in this effort, SHADAC, with support from the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, developed a series of white papers that are focused on innovative uses of data resources and analytic approaches that states can apply to monitor and evaluate health care reform efforts. The series provides an overview of data sources available to state policymakers, such as state-level administrative data, health insurer filings, marketplace enrollment data, and survey data. The series also highlights key analytic questions that states could use the data sources to address.

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Date: Nov 2014
Author: State Health Access Data Assistance Center